Did you make an active contribution to the maintaining of the Polar-Route / Arctic Circle Trail?

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 Information about you 
Your name last name*:          
  first given name*:
(and probably other names)
Did you choice a trail name? trail name:            
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Your addresse*:
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 Information on your hike 
The direction of your hike*? from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut
from Sisimiut to Kangerlussuaq
Start and arrival:
(according to the scheme: yyyy-mm-dd)

 What was your contribution 
You did it*?
I.e. you have made an active contribution to the preservation of the hiking trail.
Yes, I did it.
What was it, what you did*?
(only a short description)
Here you can upload some pictures on your contribution.
If possible, one picture of the status "before" and one of that "after" to demonstrate the benefit of your contribution!
Although not every contribution can be documented by a photo, pictures often say more than long articles.
It also would be nice, perhaps for other hikers, you met on the trail, if you are visible on one of the pictures.
If you think it brings something or you have a good idea, write a comment, make a suggestion or make a statement.
*) mandatory fields
 Make publicity, but protect privacy! 
We respect your rights on your informational self-determination.
I.e. your data will not be handed over to other persons or institutions, except you explicitely agree to it. But this does not exclude a statistical evaluation of your anonymized data.
But is it o.k., if we publish your contribution to the maintainance of the hiking trail on the website of Polar-Routen e.V.?
Yes, o.k.
If yes: insofar as personal data are concerned (name, addresse, email addresse)
I accept that of the pregoing data you may publish ...
my name and email addresse - but not my addresse;
only my name*;
only my trail name*.

*) Nevertheless - as long as you don't contradict - we may use a mail box on our website to foreward emails to you.
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